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Challenge Yourself in Business and Life – Succeed at Both!

Julie McDonald OAM

Julie McDonald OAM

What does a girl from Rochedale, a burns specialist and Alicia Keyes have in common?

They all wanted to be an Olympian. With the Rio Olympics in full swing from the 5th August, let Julie McDonald take you on her journey to the Olympic Games and some of the hurdles she had to

When it comes to corporate and motivational speakers there are a lot to choose from. There are sports people and successful business people who can all talk about their lives and hopefully inspire us to achieve the best in our own.

Julie is one of the good ones. She was not only a professional swimmer who represented Australia a number of times but she was a leader within that Australian swimming team as well as a multiple medallist. These achievements make her story interesting but it’s her ability to now use that experience and put it in the real world as a mother and business woman that make her a great orator and a relatable guest.

Julie’s passion has now gone from channelling her energy to win medals for Australia to helping people change their own lives in health, goals and LIVING… it’s her driving force for
getting out of bed.

Come and laugh, cry and relive some Olympic tales with Julie at the helm.

Julie is a dual Olympian competing in 1988 and 1992, a dual Commonwealth Games representative in 1986 and 1990, a dual Pan Pacific Championship representative in 1987 and 1989 and a dual
World Julie McDonald held the Commonwealth record for the 800m Freestyle for 21 years Julie represented Australia in swimming in every Australian Team from 1986 until 1992, captaining two of these teams.

Julie was the only Australian female to win an Olympic Medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, winning a Bronze medal in the 800 metres freestyle.

Connect with Julie on LinkedIn.

Boost your Brain to Boost Your Business

Dr Helena Popovic

Dr Helena Popovic

Most people work on building up and boosting their financial assets.

But how many people work on building up and boosting their greatest asset: their brain?

The emerging field of neuroplasticity has shown that the brain can change its own structure and function. It can grow new cells, new circuits and new connections in response to what we do, think and feel. For the brain to stay healthy and operate at its best, we need the right nutrition, rest, stimulation, challenge and reward.

Most importantly, we need to take charge of our thinking because our thoughts play an integral role in wiring our brains or optimal performance.

Join Dr Helena Popovic to discover how to:

  1. Sharpen your thinking and problem solving
  2. Improve concentration and memory
  3. Reduce your risk of dementia
  4. Perform at your peak on a daily basis

Who is Dr Helena Popovic MBBS?

Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor, leading authority on how to improve brain function, international speaker and best-selling author.

Helena is unique in bringing the latest discoveries in brain science to the field of weight management and she is the founder of a ground-breaking weight loss program called Winning
at Slimming – thinking the light way.

She is also the author of two books: In Search of My Father and NeuroSlimming – let your brain change your body. Her philosophy is that education is more powerful than medication and she believes in slow ageing despite fast living.

More information about Dr Helena Popovic and her services can be found on her website at


How Influence and Persuasion Skills Can Increase Your Sales and Profit

George Manolis

George Manolis

The sales professionals in the industry know what to say and how to say it to make individuals and corporations buy…

…but how can we use these techniques each day to make a difference to our business?

Attend this session to learn:

  • The three most powerful influence strategies you can use on a daily basis to make a difference to your business
  • How simple words, phrases and actions can allow you to sell more to more people more often
  • How non-verbal communication can also make a huge difference to your daily sales figures and billings.

Who is George Manolis?

George Manolis is a corporate speaker who works with some of Australia’s largest corporations.

George is 100% about sales and sales success – his client base is able to testify to increased sales and profits in any economic climate.

Selling to more people more often is what George is about.

Find out more about George Manolis and his brilliant offerings at


Get more Customers without the Hard Sell


Jamie Cunningham

Are you wanting to grow your business but not sure of the best way to do it?

In this content rich presentation, Coach & Advisor Jamie Cunningham will share with you a growth model that allows for scalable growth without any ‘hard sell’ tactics.

You’ll discover:

  • The 3 most common mistakes owners make in trying to grow their business, and what to do about it.
  • How to find the time to dedicate to growing sales.
  • 4 simple strategies that will bring customer to you versus you having to go to them.
  • The secrets behind the best salespeople … and it’s not what you think.
Who is Jamie Cunningham?

Raised in family business and, after 10 years of running the operations, Jamie ventured to Canada (long story).

Through a series of unimaginable events, Jamie found himself a part of a global coaching organization. Despite having no experience and no network Jamie became the fastest growing office within 3 years.

Over the past 11 years, Jamie has had the privilege of working with over 300 business owners. His clients range the globe and are made up of entrepreneurs who are driven to build great companies.

Smart profitable growth is Jamie’s mantra.

Find out more about Jamie and his unique services at


Reclaim Your Freedom! Systemize Your Business

Shirley Dalton

Shirley Dalton

Did you go into business dreaming of having a life of freedom?

Did you think you could have the time and the money?

Are you finding that’s not the case and you feel trapped by the business; like the business owns you not the other way round?

Join Australia’s Business Systemizer, Shirley Dalton, and discover how to reclaim your freedom to have the time and the money you deserve.

Learn the number one thing you need to do to successfully delegate and maintain your quality standards.

Learn Shirley’s 5 Step Process to easily systemize your business and get your life back.

Uncover the amazingly simple process to recruit and retain the right people.

Australia’s Business Systemizer, Shirley Dalton, experienced first-hand the pain and pressure small business owners face and the sacrifices they and their families often make. Not wanting
this for others, Shirley started a movement to fight for their freedom.

About Shirley

With over 30 years experience, Shirley has held senior positions in both government and private organisations.

She has degrees in Education and Psychology and is a 2 time Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host, TV Show Host and in demand Motivational speaker, who has worked with hundreds of small business owners, developing their people and processes. Through her consultancy, online programs and TV and Radio shows, Shirley inspires, motivates and teaches business owners how to get themselves and their businesses under control, make more money, get more time and reclaim their freedom.

Find out more about Shirley Dalton and her Proven System Strategies to create your Ultimate Business Lifestyle


Are the Old Skills of Selling Dead?


with Murray Fitzpatrick

Buyers nowadays can be ahead of most sales people.

They are researched about their purchasing decisions and are looking for more and more value out of a sales relationship.

How does the a salesperson need to react to differentiate themselves in todays sales environment? Some of the sales principles will always remain the same and some have changed.

Murray appeals to an individual’s sense of purpose to make them strive for peak performance.

About Murray

It is Murray’s zest for life that equips him to cope with the range of challenges that a modern day sales executive faces. He is a firm believer that we all have a unique set of resources and he works with individuals to draw out these skills in both their work and personal environments.

Macquarie Bank, Commsec, The Brisbane Broncos, Virgin Airlines, The Jims Group, Westpac, NAB, The Grace Group, Futuro Financial Services and MLC all recognise it takes a special person
to appeal to a wide cross section of staff. When these companies are looking to motivate and coach their staff, they know Murray Fitzpatrick is the right person for the job.

Find out more about Murray and what he can do for you at


Andrew McWhirter

+ Join our Special Guest

Andrew McWhirter of Evolve Digital Agency

LinkedIn Influencer, LinkedIn Coach, LinkedIn Trainer, Profile Builder, Influencer, Lead Generation

Would you like to explore the possibility of creating greater levels of leverage for your business through adopting and implementing proven social strategies via the LinkedIn platform? Interested
to grow your business and be willing to surround yourself with LinkedIn Lead Generation Professionals who know more about this that you?



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